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Victim Impact Awareness
CRN: 31638
Location: Southridge Center
Course/Section: CRIM714 300
Date: 05/07/2024 - 07/02/2024
Room: 20D
Instructor: Lindeman Dean
Time: 05:30PM - 07:00PM
Days: Tuesday
Contact Hrs: 12 hours
The Victim Impact Awareness class is an educational program designed to teach offenders about the human consequences of crime. In a safe environment, offenders are taught how crime affects the victim and the victim's family, friends, and community, and how it also affects them and their own families, friends, and communities. Specific modules address victimization, property crimes, drugs and society, child maltreatment, assault, robbery, violent crimes, gang mentality, and restorative justice. A key element of the classes is the direct involvement of victims and victim service providers. They tell their personal stories of being victimized or of helping victims to reconstruct their lives after a traumatic crime. Offenders learn the ripple effect caused by crime and understand the value of repairing harm. No Class June 11, 2024
Available Seats: 8     Fees: $240.00
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